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Introduction to SAP Online Training

SAP online training is a form of instruction that takes place completely on the internet. It involves a variety of multimedia elements, audio, video, and web-links, which all can be accessed through one's internet browser. These elements are used in lieu of traditional classroom components.

In addition to presenting course material and content, SAP online training gives students the opportunity for live interactions and real-time feedback for such things as quizzes and tests. Interactions between instructor and students are also conducted via an online medium, through such methods as chat, e-mail, or other web-based communication.

SAP Online training is generally self-paced and customizable to suit an individual's specific learning needs. Therefore, SAP online training can be conducted at almost any time and place provided there is a computer with internet access. This makes this form of training convenient for the user, who can modify their training to fit into their day-to-day schedule.

Benefits of Online Training

The Internet provides online training participants with easy and convenient access. Classes can be offered live and giving participants secure access to the event to learn at their own pace.

Immediate and Cost-Effective

Online training is immediate, cost effective and easily affordable. With all the software tools available including slideshow and screen capture software that can record computer activity, participants can learn how to use a specific software or program.

List of SAP Functional Modules
Technical Modules
Industry Specific Modules (Known as SAP IS)
  • SAP IS Retail - Supermarkets and Retail industry
  • SAP IS Aerospace & Defense - Air and military industries
  • SAP IS Automotive - Automobile manufacturing industries
  • SAP IS Banking - Financial Industries, Banking, and Market Risk Management
  • SAP IS Chemicals - Chemical industries
  • SAP IS Consumer Products - Consumer product industries
  • SAP IS Defense & Security - Defense and security industries
  • SAP IS Engineering, Construction, and Operations - Construction and engineering companies
  • SAP IS Healthcare - Hospitals and healthcare institutions
  • SAP IS Higher Education & Research - Campus management
  • SAP IS High Tech - High tech industries
  • SAP IS Industrial Machinery and Components - Heavy machinery manufacturing companies
  • SAP IS Insurance - Insurance companies and Currency Markets
  • SAP IS Life Sciences - Life sciences industry
  • SAP IS Media - Communication and Publishing industries
  • SAP IS Mill Products - Mill product industries
  • SAP IS Mining - Mining industries
  • SAP IS Oil & Gas - Oil and Gas Industries
  • SAP IS Professional Services - Professional services industry
  • SAP IS Pharma - Pharmaceutical industries
  • SAP IS Public Sector - Public Sector and Administration
  • SAP IS Telecommunications - Telecommunication operators
  • SAP IS Transportation & Logistics - Transportation and logistics industry
  • SAP IS Utilities - Utility industries
  • SAP IS Wholesale Distribution - Wholesale distribution industry
SPS INTRAD’ Trainers advantage

Our trainers are real time consultants and having more than 8+ Years of experience in SAP Modules with very rich Industry experience.

Unique advantage of getting trained from us is in addition to SAP functional areas, we teach other technical mandatory things which a functional/technical consultant should know.

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