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etEngine-ERP is a Comprehensive Business Management Solution with domain specific design to streamline Production and other Business processes of companies that Manufacture complex & custom products. etEngine is enabled with Automation Tool to integrate live shop floor actives to reduce human intervention to get single data for Better Analysis. Enabled with Management Dashboard Reporting & Mobility for information on the fly.

Industry vertical solution

etEngine-ERP designed to meet domain specific requirement of Industries from medium-sized to medium large scale companies with Design-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, or mixed-mode discrete manufacturing operations. Vertical Supported

Key Highlights How we deliver


etEngine is available as “On Premise Solution” & “On Cloud” exclusive for manufacturing industries. GoLive in shortest time! More than 50+ Satisfied MNC/Listed Customers across India since 8+ years. ROI assured in minimum period of time. Take Right Decisions in Right Time!

Core Solutions for problems of manufacturing industry:

Foundry specific solutions

Challenges faced by foundry industries is to meet on time customer delivery schedules, reduce quality cost (rejection), better & efficient energy utilization, inventory carry cost and labor utilization.
etEngine-Foundry ERP specifically designed & implemented in 50 major foundries across India, enabled with best practices of Foundry Industries to meet the above challenges.

Auto Ancillary specific features

Challenges faced by Auto Ancillary is to meet the customer fluctuating demand for various automobile models, ensuing timely procurement from vendors & flexibility in production etEngine specifically provides dynamic Material planning tool enables the flexibility in customer delivery schedule with automated material procurement schedule & monitoring of material delivery dates with automated email alert to the vendors. Online work center wise production log to trace the WIP

Engineering specific features

Engineering Industry: Challenges faced by Engineering Industries are tracking of the Orders as per the delivery schedules, Most of the time order completion cycle will be in 3 to 10 weeks cycle time. Challenge is to track material availability, ensuring Plant Utilization as per the incoming orders & ensuring on time deliveries from sub contractor.
etEngine- ERP specifically designed & implemented to meet the business requirement Engineering Industries. Work order based tracking of material reservation, purchase & issue.

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